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Survey on how folks keep up with information architecture

ACIA ran a survey in 2001 to learn about which information resources and events information architects use to keep up with field. The research included magazines, journals and newsletters, discussion lists, web sites, books, conferences, meetings, and a rating of which of these resources are considered most useful. Though the survey is more than a year old, there are lots of references to useful stuff.


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Henrik Olsen - December 10, 2002

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Summary postings from two discussion groups

Scott Berkun from uiweb has compiled a useful list of summary postings from CHI-WEB and SIG-IA


Henrik Olsen - June 20, 2002

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Discussion list on Web Information Architecture

The SIG-IA list is a discussion group on Information Architecture. The purpose of the list is to "provide a meeting ground between those working in the newest fields of the Web and those who have been dealing with similar issues as theoreticians or information scientists." The list is a very lively forum and has loads of entries every day.


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Henrik Olsen - May 22, 2002

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Discussion list on WWW Human Factors

CHI-WEB is an excellent discussion list on the human factor aspects of the World Wide Web. It is maintained by the special interest group ACM SIGCHI.


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Henrik Olsen - January 31, 2002

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