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Interview with Todd on his book about prototyping

Over at Jonny Holland, you'll find an interview with Todd Zaki Warfel about his new book on prototyping. He talks about his motivation for writing the book, why prototyping isn't as widespread as it should, how prototypes are great communication vehicles, and what tools to use.


Henrik Olsen - November 25, 2019

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Jakob Nielsen interview by Webdesigner Depot

Webdesigner Depot has been lucky to get an interview with Jakob Nielsen himself.

Among other things, they talk about:

- How recruiting representative users is the only place you shouldn't skimp in a usability test everything else is negotiable and can be done on the cheap.
- That even though some studies have found that many don't use breadcrumbs, Jakob finds them useful because they are lightweight design elements, harmless to those not using them.
- That it's ok with Jakob that designers make hard-to-use artistic websites when they don't serve a utilitarian purpose.


Henrik Olsen - September 28, 2019

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How to make search engines on website work

Here's another insightful Usability Tools Podcast from UIE, this time about on-site search. Jared Spool and Brian Christiansen discuss:

- Why are your users searching your site?
- What separates the best search experiences from the worst?
- What can be done to improve search results?
- How can you tell search is succeeding on your site?


Henrik Olsen - November 27, 2019

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Building robust personas

In this UIE Usability Tools Podcast, Jared Spool and Brian Christiansen talk about how to create robust personas based on real-world research. During the podcast, they discuss the following topics:

- What are personas?
- Should your organization have dedicated UX team members for maintaining updated personas?
- Can just one person participate in the persona building process?
- Should you develop scenarios for multiple personas that all fit one task?
- Can you create personas based solely on survey results?
- How do personas relate to Actors and Use Cases from the Rational Unified Process (RUP)?


Henrik Olsen - November 26, 2019

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What does it mean for page design that users have learned to scroll?

Boxes and Arrows has interviewed Milissa Tarquini on her article, Blasting the Myth of the Fold. In the podcast Milissa talks about:

- how user testing and web analytics show that users have learned to scroll
- how we need to rethink how we design web pages
- how the bottom of web pages is the new frontier


Henrik Olsen - November 03, 2019

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Statistical significance in usability test and surveys

Statistical significance revolves around having enough participants to make our findings valid.

In this episode of the Usability Tools Podcast, Jared Spool talks about:

- What statistical significance mean
- How many people it takes to produce reliable results
- How usability tests require many fewer participants than surveys because they are behavioural and not attitudinal
- How to gather enough data from research


Henrik Olsen - October 23, 2019

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Are users seach dominant?

Are there user who always go right to the search engine when the first visit a web site looking for content? In this episode of the UIE Usability Tools Podcast, Jared Spool and Christine Perfetti discuss one of their studies that showed that users aren't search dominiat.

In the podcast they discuss:

- Why no user always went to the search engine on a site
- How the design of a site's page determines what location strategy users employ
- How the design community reacted to UIE's research on search dominance
- Why your site's navigation may be poorly designed if your users are gravitating to search


Henrik Olsen - October 10, 2019

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Tasks in usability test should be made on-the-fly

In this episode of the UIE's Usability Tools Podcast, Jared Spool talks about interview-based tasks in usability tests, that is, task that the test facilitator and the participant negotiate during the test. According to Jared, predefined tasks give flawed test results.


Henrik Olsen - October 01, 2019

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Using comics to communicate complex design visions

Some organizations and design teams have turned to comics to communicate difficult product and design concepts to large and diverse audiences. UIE has published an interview with Yahoo!'s Kevin Cheng, who develops user experience concepts with comics.


Henrik Olsen - September 27, 2019

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Download time doesn't impact on a site's usability

UIE keeps podcasting interesting interviews with Jared Spool. In this episode of the Usability Tools Podcast, Jared talks about a study that showed that a site's download time doesn't seem to impact on a site's usability. Instead, sites that are easy to use, fun and professional are perceived as being fast.

Apparently, people perceive time to take longer when they are in pain.


Henrik Olsen - September 24, 2019

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