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Google diagnostics with Poodle Predictor

To quote one of my colleagues: "Usability begins at the search engines."

Richard Bennett and his mates have developed a tool, which will let you see pages as Google does. It gives you a rough idea of how a page's listings will look, which links Google will find, and how efficient the HTML coding is at feeding Google the right keywords.


  • The article Poodle Predictor - See your site like Google does
  • Poodle Predictor
  • About Poodle Predictor

Henrik Olsen - April 08, 2003

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A test of screen recording systems

Karl Fast has made a thorough test of three screen recording systems to decide which is most suitable in usability testing settings.

His conclusions:
"ScreenCam had the best performance of any program tested, but the lack of support for Windows 2000 and XP makes it hard to recommend."

"Camtasia offers the best blend of performance, features, and ease of use among the programs tested." "The only drawback is price, but at $150 it's still within the range of almost every budget. Highly recommended."

"My first impression of HyperCam was that for $30 I was getting what I paid for. But once I fiddled with it and found the "secret" of using Camtasia's TSCC codec, I was entirely satisfied. Unless you need the extra features of Camtasia, HyperCam will probably do the job..."


  • The article Recording Screen Activity During Usability Testing
  • Lotus ScreenCam
  • TechSmith Camtasia
  • Hyperponics HyperCam

Henrik Olsen - April 06, 2003

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Wireframing tool for Dreamweaver

For those who prefer to design prototypes in HTML, Eric Ott's wireframing extension for Dreamweaver might be useful. Using this tool, you don't have to struggle with tables to design your page layouts, since it relies on layers. You drag-and-drop interface elements from the objects tool bar onto the pages.

According to Eric Ott, the extension adds the best of Visio and Illustrator in Dreamweaver. I would love to do prototypes in HTML, but I still find Visio more effective.


  • Download the Wireframing extension (search for Wireframing)

Henrik Olsen - February 10, 2003

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The Userati

Chris McEvoy, the guy who claims to love HCI but hate web usability, has a nice feature at his site called Userati. Through Google, he tracks references to celebrities within the interactive design community, such as Jakob Nielsen, Lou Rosenfeld and Henrik Olsen (how this punk ended up on this list, I don't know…).

More interestingly, he also tracks articles, and has lists of most recent and most popular articles featured at popular usability and web development related sites. Quite neat…


  • Chris McEvoy's Userati

Henrik Olsen - February 04, 2003

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Visio or HTML for Wireframes

Jeff Gothelf on the pros and cons of using HTML versus Visio for prototyping:

"Design organizations inevitably run across the debate of Visio versus HTML wireframes. The decision for one over the other is never a clear-cut one since, as with all things IA-related, it depends. This article seeks to sort out the issues by describing the pros and cons of each and identifying situations where one may be more effective than the other."


Henrik Olsen - January 28, 2003

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Optimizing sites and images for colour-blind viewers

With the online tool Vischeck you can test how a site or an image will look for colour-blind viewers. Vischeck even offer a free service, which will optimize images for viewing by colour-blind people. You'll also find a lot of interesting and educational background information there. The site is worth a visit.


  • The site Vischeck

Henrik Olsen - January 19, 2003

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designers on design

This collection of pithy quotations related to usability, communication and design were collected by colleagues on *a* usability discussion list and are loosely grouped by topics.

This is akin to the growing IAwiki IA commonplace book (linked to on guuui previously).


  • the wall of pith
  • IA commonplace book

ben hyde - January 15, 2003

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ISO Standards for HCI and Usability

The International Standards Organisation publishes standards related to Human Computer Interaction (HCI) and Usability.

These standards are categorised as primarily concerned with:

1. The use of the product (effectiveness, efficiency and satisfaction in a context of use)

2. The user interface and interaction

3. The process used to develop the product

4. The capability of an organisation to apply user centred design


  • The HCI-related ISO list (and summaries) provided by Serco (TRUMP project)
  • Search and buy the reports (Paper or PDF) at the ISO site

Pieter-Jan Pruuost - January 07, 2003

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Harold Thimbleby (Gresham Professor of Geometry)

Here are links to some very interesting articles and streamable lectures.

Lectures at Gresham College where Harold is Professor of Geometry

Popular writing

Available papers

The Computer Science of Everyday Things

Justice and Design

User Interface Design as Systems Design

A Future for Usability Engineering


  • Harold Thimbleby's homepage

ben hyde - December 24, 2002

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The SAP Design Guild – resources for designing web applications

The company SAP is a provider of business software, which has moved into the internet age. On their subsidiary site, "The SAP Design Guild", they give full access to a rich source of interface design information primary target at their partners developing products in the SAP environment. The site represents some of the most comprehensive resources about user-centred design of complex web-based applications. On the site SAP offer their design resources, such as style guides, methods and insight on how a user-centred development should be carried out from initial analysis to usability testing. It provides lots of inspiration for interaction designers facing the challenge of creating web applications.


  • The SAP Design Guild

Henrik Olsen - December 16, 2002

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