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Jake Guevara

I just found this nice portrait of Jakob Nielsen in an article at the BBC News site.

The article is about a web design exhibition at the London's Design Museum called Web Wizards, featuring Joshua Davis, Yugo Nakamura, Danny Brown and others.

It seems that Joshua Davis doesn't quite appreciate the work of Jakob Nielsen:

"He rubs me up the wrong way. By saying we should all embrace standards, he would create an internet where everything was concrete and unforgiving. His ideas don't promote growth, they stifle creativity. We are at opposite ends of the spectrum."

"I once sent him an e-mail - that he probably still has - saying that I'd beat him up if I saw him."

Henrik Olsen - November 05, 2002

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I'm not saying that this is not a Jakob Nielsen

Derek R has replaced "shark" with "Jakob Nielsen" in quotes from the movie Jaws. "Don't know what that bastard Jakob Nielsen's gonna do with it. Might eat it I suppose."


  • Derek R's post to SIG-IA

Henrik Olsen - October 18, 2002

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GUUUI isn't a Flash promotion site, but there's a lot of talk about Flash and usability. And the Milko Music Machine from the Swedish dairy Milko is really something. You can produce your own music videos with the Milko cow as the star. Choose between metal, hip-hop and disco, mix dance steps, vocals and effects clips, and send your very own music video to friends and family. Everything is done with direct manipulation.

Milko has also made a follow-up – the Miko Muscle Machine - which let you produce your own workout videos.

Respect to the agency farfar (grandpa) who made this.


  • Milko Music Machine
  • Milko Muscle Machine
  • The agency farfar

Henrik Olsen - October 02, 2002

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Interface poisoning

Alice has been exposed to a user interface designed by an engineer...

The doctor to Alice: You have chronic mahjobbis crappus but that's not why you puked. Have you been expsed to any user interfaces designed by engineers?

Alice: Yes.

The doctor: You have interface poisoning. You'll be dead in a week.


Henrik Olsen - September 24, 2002

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Dilbert interface design

Why software engineers shouldn't do interface design...

Dilbert to Alice: I designed the user interface myself. How do you like the colors?

Alice: PUKE!

Dilbert: Flu?

Alice: Interface design.


Henrik Olsen - September 23, 2002

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Bad product designs

Here's a scrapbook of illustrated examples of products that are hard to use because they do not follow human factors principles. The site is maintained by Michael J. Darnell.


  • The site

Henrik Olsen - August 18, 2002

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Usability applied to life

Why not take you own medicine and make your life more usable. Chad Lundgren – definitely obsessed with usability - has a listing of nine usability heuristics, which he applies to his own life. Be sure to read Joshua Kaufman’s contribution to the heuristics, they are even more fun.


  • Chad Lundgren’s life heuristics

Henrik Olsen - August 13, 2002

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Free expert advice from Jakob Nielsen

Chris McEvoy, a programmer who claims to love HCI but hate web usability, has a good offer for you. Save yourself £10,000 and ask Jakob Nielsen for expert advice for free. Questions that require a yes/no answer are preferred.


  • What does Jakob say?

Henrik Olsen - August 03, 2002

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Play with the big guys and girls

Web Trumps is an online version of Top Trumps for the web generation. Play off web celebs, such as Jakob Nielsen, Josh Davis, Jeffrey Zeldman, Bill Gates, and Steve Jobs, against each other. Each celeb has been allocated 200 points, split between the four categories design, innovation, wealth and usability. The game-play is as exciting as a usability expert’s web site, but if you like brain-dead games such as solitaire, you’ll love this one.


  • Web Trumps

Henrik Olsen - July 15, 2002

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How people feel about flash intros

It's boring, it's nonsense, it's utterly useless, and it goes on and on...


  • The Flash movie Skip Intro

Henrik Olsen - May 27, 2002

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