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What if making a swing was like making a website?

An explanation of why projects fail to meet users' needs.


  • Breakdown of a tire swing project

Henrik Olsen - May 27, 2002

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Fun with Jakob Nielsen

If you haven't seen it yet, it's about time the big list of stuff making fun of Jakob Nielsen. Highlights: - UseitAmp an ugly WinAmp skin with a design a la Jakob's Alertbox - The Jakob Nielsen Drinking Game - Driving w/Jakob a hit-and-run game - Design-o-Matic famous designers flip-book


  • The site {USEITorLOSEIT}

Henrik Olsen - May 07, 2002

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IKEA fan site

There's nothing new about sites that violate basic usability guidelines by purpose just for the fun of it. But it's never seen in a commercial context. The IKEA's fan-site has it all - ugly spinning animations, a disturbing background picture, a hit counter, frames, etc. The site is supported by TV commercials and is the cleverest advertising I've seen on the Internet.

The site is in Danish but you'll get the point. The commercials are also there and are worth seeing. Click the button "Se vores reklamefilm".


  • The IKEA fan site

Henrik Olsen - April 11, 2002

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Computer Stupidities

Is it just the users being stupid or what? If you read the stories in Computer Stupidities you might think so.

As the editor writes "You will read stories in this file that will convince you that among the human race are human-shaped artichokes futilely attempting to break the highly regarded social convention that vegetables should not operate electronic equipment. And yet, amidst the vast, surging quantities of stupidity are perfectly excusable technological mishaps -- but that are amusing nonetheless. After all, even the best of us engages in a little brainless folly every once in a while."


  • The site Computer Stupidities

Henrik Olsen - February 04, 2002

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Work off you computer frustrations

This neat little Flash thing is very healty for frustrated users. Destroy a computer by throwing heavy things at it. "Bad computer, don't ever do that again!"


  • APELOGIC - The Primitive Solution to Modern Problems

Henrik Olsen - January 10, 2002

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