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Why Primary Navigation Must Die

According to Kristoffer Bohmann mainstream users focus their attention on content, while ignoring primary navigation, because the information featured is less relevant to their tasks at hand.

He argues that primary navigation bars should be removed completely for three reasons:

1. Primary navigation is rarely needed
2. They are often hard to interpret for users
3. They take up valuable space

Users are better off if they only see a You are Here-indicator (e.g., Home > Articles > Why Primary Navigation Must Die) to better understand how each page on the site is structured relative to the homepage.


  • The article Why Primary Navigation Must Die Open link in new window

Henrik Olsen - May 06, 2002

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Get rid of the 90's bloated content

Something that really annoys me is arrogant and egocentric corporate content on web sites, such as bloated talk telling you "We are the best", ridiculous mission statements and flashy stock photography.

According to Susan Solomon from ClickZ this is a left over from the 90's. Today customers don't fall for boast like "We're powerful, we're Magnificent, we're Omnipotent." They want to know how they can benefit, and they want facts, figures and testimonials to feel confident that a company will get the job done.

I'm just afraid that this isn't just a 90's phenomenon, but rather a widespread CEO defect.


  • The article Tuning Out 'That 90's Show' Open link in new window

Henrik Olsen - April 23, 2002

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Apple and Microsoft's Official User Interface Guidelines

The official interface guidelines from Microsoft and Apple are not only useful when designing software applications. They both describe general and proven concepts of interface design that every Interaction Designer can benefit from. And they become more and more useful for Web Interaction Designers as Web user interfaces become more and more complex.

Both Apple and Microsoft's guidelines are available online.


  • Macintosh Human Interface Guidelines Open link in new window
  • Microsoft's Official Guidelines for User Interface Design Open link in new window

Henrik Olsen - February 22, 2002

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Making Unsubscription Easy

According to Kristoffer Bohmann all subscription notifications should include two design elements to make unsubscription easy:

- The e-mail that the user subscribed with
- A link to a permanent web page where the user can unsubscribe through a form

Including the e-mail makes it easy for people with more e-mails to remember which one they used to subscribe. Including a link to a web page makes it easy for less experienced users to unsubscribe and makes it possible to unsubscribe without having access to the e-mail the user subscribed with.


  • The article Making Unsubscription Easy Open link in new window
  • Kristoffer Bohmann Open link in new window

Henrik Olsen - January 30, 2002

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