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Tell people to click if you want them to click

Is it archaic to tell people to "click here" in online copy? Brian Clark thinks not.

"'s been proven time and time again that if you want someone to do something, you'll get better results if you tell them exactly what to do."

A recent experiment by Marketing Sherpa supports his view. They found that the word "click" had a significant influence on the clickthrough rates.

Here are the clickthrough rates of the wordings tested:
- "Click to continue": 8.53%
- "Continue to article": 3.3%
- "Read more": 1.8%


  • Does Telling Someone to Open link in new window

Henrik Olsen - October 21, 2007

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As someone on he original post has already commented, using "Click Here" is really an issue for Screen Reader users. To speed up their understanding of a page, screen reader users often open a window with just a list of links on a page, and lots of "Click here" links make no sense when removed from context. If you use the words click here in a meaningful sentence that decribes the link destination, that works just fine.

John | October 21, 2007


I totally agree with that.

Henrik Olsen | October 22, 2007


In my blog (In spanish, sorry) I talked about it...

And thanks to Eugenia we get a recommendation about it:
- If you want to add "Click here", add to the phrase but not to the link.

So Brian Clark, don

Gabriel H Porras | October 24, 2007


I would say click here to read the original Marketing Sherpa article. Links are often scanned, so people will miss the "click here" if it's not part of the link.

Henrik Olsen | October 27, 2007


Gabriel, Henrik, you also touch on a good point about wording hyperlinks... none of the alternatives tested by Marketing Sherpa are self-descriptive.

Zephyr | November 02, 2007



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