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The ROI of usability is declining

Jakob Nielsen and co. has conducted a study that looks at the benefits of redesigning websites for usability. The study reports an average return of investment (ROI) of 83%. In 2002, the number was 135%.

According to Jakob, the ROI of usability has decreased for two reasons. First, the most obvious usability problems have been eliminated. Second, usability teams haven't been given more funding to challenge the less obvious problems.


  • Usability ROI Declining, But Still Strong Open link in new window

Henrik Olsen - January 22, 2008

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A perfectly valid study from Jakob (although I often take some of his comments with a pinch of salt).

One thing that you do not mention seems a little obvious. Is it not quite obvious that users are becoming more familiar with the internet so things that were previously usability concerns are now just second nature to most users?

Andrew Banks | January 23, 2008


But what is "the difference is marginally significant" (almost halfway in the article)? Can I start making up my own statistical terms now too?
I really don't get it. Something is significantly different or not. "Well, it's not significantly different, but it looks close enough" is just bs.
Sorry, just one of my pet peeves.

Marco Plaisier | January 23, 2008



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