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7 persuasion techniques

In this article, David Travis shows how to exploit seven persuasion techniques in web design:

- Reciprocation. By doing people a small favour, such as a giving them free chapter from a book, they will feel obligated to return the favour and buy the book.

- Commitment. By making people make a public commitment to something (e.g. "Like" a product) they will feel more inclined to support it

- Social Proof. By indicating that something is popular more people will want it.

- Authority. People are more likely to take action if a message comes from a credible and authoritative source.

- Scarcity. By indicating that something is in short supply or available only for a limited time, people are more likely to want it.

- Framing. By overpricing some products, the other alternatives will seem cheaper.

- Salience. People are more likely to pay attention to elements in your user interface that are novel and relevant to their tasks.


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Henrik Olsen - December 10, 2010

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These are great and effective lists of online marketing techniques especially if its implemented correctly.

itrix | December 19, 2010



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