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In a world Full of Choice: Simplify
In the article "In a world Full of Choice: Simplify", Pamela Parkers refers to an interesting experiment aimed to shed light on how people make decisions. The study showed that having a wide range of choices might have detrimental consequences for human motivation.

The Columbia University study was conducted in order to see if people would be happier to choose among 30 different types of chocolates, or rather select from six different options.

The study showed that people took significantly more time to make decisions when presented with 30 chocolates. They felt that they had too many choices and that the process of making up their mind was difficult and frustrating.

Pamela Parkers advice to the Web marketers is not to overwhelm visitors with choices, as they could be struck by paralysis. "It may, as with the chocolates, actually discourage them from buying."

The article In a world Full of Choice: Simplify

Henrik Olsen | 29 May 2002 | Click here for a permanent link you can bookmark or refer to


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