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Web standards
Jeffrey Zeldman and A List Apart have long been advocating for Web standards the use of CSS and XHTML in Web design. As Netscape 4.x and other browsers not supporting the W3C standards die out, we can justify skipping the old-school HTML methods. From a usability perspective, there are a number of advantages:

- We can build sites that download faster
- We can comply with accessibility laws and guidelines, without sacrificing beauty, performance, or sophistication.
- We can support wireless gadgets, Web-enabled cell phones, PalmPilots, screen readers, and other nontraditional devices.
- We can deliver sophisticated printed versions of any page without creating separate printer-friendly page.

An interview with Jeffrey Zeldman about the new era of Web design
The online magazine A List Apart
The Web Standards Project

Henrik Olsen | August 14, 2002

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The recent issue of digital web magazine contains

'99.9% of Websites Are Obsolete' an excerpt from - Forward Compatibility: Designing & Building With Standards By Jeffrey Zeldman

and an interview with Steven Champeon and Shirley Kaiser of the Web Standards Project (WaSP)

99.9% of Websites Are Obsolete
WaSP Interview

ben [hyDeSign] | September 06, 2002


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