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Creating better web interfaces with Flash MX
According to Christine Perfetti from UIE, Flash MX and its improved backend integration gives us the ability to build better and more sophisticated web applications.

Compared with HTML, Flash has the advantages of:
- Immediate responses to user interactions, without having to wait for new pages to load
- More sophisticated client-side interactions, such as drag-and-drop and zoom
- The ability to integrate a workflow in one visual display

In the article, Perfetti reviews some examples of product configuration applications build in Flash. You should also take a look at the BMW Virtual Center. Especially its model selection step, which would be very difficult to build in HTML without reloading all the time.

The article Flash Strikes Back: Creating Powerful Web Applications
BMW Virtual Center

Henrik Olsen | September 26, 2002

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I'm both a Macromedia and a Flash fan, but technology is not a guarantee for "better" web interfaces. Better designers are! Who said that a gun doesn't kill people, but the person holding the gun?

Create the best user experiences with Macromedia Flash MX

Pieter-Jan Pruuost | October 17, 2002


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