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Review of The Elements of User Experience
User experience design has grown into a complex field, with many disparate phases and blurred demarcations. Jesse James Garret’s book, The Elements of User Experience, is an attempt to tidy up this messy business. In the book, Garret uncovers nature of the beast by splitting it into manageable pieces and putting it all together again.

Garret’s book draws the big picture of web user experience design, systematically covering all established professions and recognized methods involved in the process from strategy to visual design. While some regard this as the book’s major achievement, experienced professionals might see it as its weakness. Every stone is turned, but we are only given a glimpse of what’s underneath them. The book is evidence that the field has grown into such a complex creature that 189 pages can only but scratch the surface, if everything has to fit in.

Order the book at
Order the book at
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Henrik Olsen | November 26, 2002

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thanks for your site !

thanks for your site !
thanks for your site !
thanks for your site !
thanks for your site !

Pee Girl | June 21, 2003


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