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Download the internet

Henrik Olsen | January 26, 2003 | Via HyDesign

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One might want to have a broad idea of what is about to be downloaded... Check out the maps of the Internet at and choose your version of the Internet to download up front! q:p

Map of the Internet 2002
Map of the Internet 2001
Map of the Internet 2000
Map of the Internet 1999

Pieter-Jan Pruuost | January 27, 2003

Nice to know you are checking my blog.

I did wonder when I first saw the post if you had seen it at HyDeSign - I didn't realise you only see the via info on the permanent entry page.

I guess I should have mentioned where I got to it via. So below is the route I took.

cheers, ben

p.s. I think therouteItook would be a cool blog

p.p.s. off to post an entry about Dust or Magic - the book

Dust or Magic Conference March 27-29th Oxford, UK
MA Electronic Media (Oxford Brookes)
emedia weblog
Free WEB tutorials

ben HyDe(Sign) | January 31, 2003


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