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Homepage real estate allocation
According to Jakob Nielsen, only 39% of the space of web site front pages is used for areas of user interest (when including browser tool bars and borders). In a study, the following use of browser real estate was found:

• Unused: 20%
• Navigation: 20%
• Content of interest to users: 20%
• Operating system and browser overhead: 19%
• Self-promotions (ads for the site's own stuff): 9%
• Welcome, logo, tagline, and other site identifications: 5%
• Filler (useless stock art, such as "smiling ladies"): 5%
• Advertisements: 2%

I especially like the "Filler (useless stock art, such as "smiling ladies")". This is properly what others would call "graphic design" or "branding" elements.

The article Homepage real estate allocation

Henrik Olsen | Febuary 11, 2003 | Via Jakob Nielsen's Alertbox Announcement List

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“A third important homepage goal is to tell users the site's purpose and where they are relative to the Web as a whole.”
I have yet to meet a user in my studies who even has a concept of the ‘Web as a whole’.

I think for this to be considered anything more than food for thought he has to go beyond pixel counting, coloured graphs and making statements without citing any references.

Tim Lucas | Febuary 11, 2003


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