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ResearchIndex (Cite Seer)
ResearchIndex is a scientific literature digital library that aims to improve the dissemination and feedback of scientific literature, and to provide improvements in functionality, usability, availability, cost, comprehensiveness, efficiency, and timeliness.

ResearchIndex indexes Postscript and PDF research articles on the Web, and provides these features:

o Reference linking
o Citation context
o Awareness and tracking
o Related documents
o Similar documents

In particular it has a directory of computer science literature broken down into useful categories and a most cited feature.

Computer Science Directory

ben HyDe(Sign) | Febuary 11, 2003

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Sadly, CiteSeer is of less value to interaction designers than it used to be. At one time it included many more of the references available in the HCI Bibliography, but for some reason they were removed.

HCI Bibliography

Ron Zeno | Febuary 11, 2003

That is a shame. Maybe this can be investigated - have you contacted them about this?

Another good source of references (and docs if you have access ~smug grin~) is the ACM Digital Library, though a recent posting to chi-place pointed out that there are some inconsistencies surounding which papers/procedings seem to make their way onto it...


ben HyDe(Sign) | Febuary 12, 2003

CiteSeer is aware and has made announcements about changes to their database, including removal of certain periodicals. I never gave the notices enough attention to recall why items were removed...

Ron Zeno | Febuary 13, 2003


Research and Statistics (37)
Research and statistics on user behaviour, trends, demographics, technological issues, etc.

Methods and the Design Process (34)
Design techniques and development workflow.

Resources and Tools (34)
Sites, journals, mailing lists, software, and other useful stuff.

Tips and Guidelines (28)
Recommendations and design guidelines.

Books (22)
Reviews and sample chapters of books of interest to the interactive design community.

Humor (20)
Fun stuff for the interactive design community.


Business and Strategy (15)
Strategy, marketing, merchandising, ROI and the like.

News, Weblogs, and Magazines (14)
News, weblogs, and magazines of interest to the interactive design community.

Cases and Examples (9)
Case studies and examples of good and bad design.

Interviews (8)
Interviews of interest to the interactive design community.

Technology (6)
Browsers, HTML, frames, Flash etc. and their impact on usability.

Communication and Visual Design (4)
Communication, Visual Design, Information Design, Graphic Design, branding and the like.

Organisations (1)
Organisations involved in the interactive design community