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Andrew Chakís book on persuasive design takes its starting point in customer behaviour theory, which describes customer decisions as a sequence of steps from recognizing a need to product choice. In order to design persuasive sites, we have to support and move the customers along this decision cycle.

Chak brings the decision-making process to life with his four types of users, which represent peopleís different needs at each stage in the process. In the book, he shows us how to accommodate each userís needs and motivate them to move along.

Chak has done a pretty good job in explaining the essence of customer behaviour theory in a clear and simple way, and extends the theory gracefully to interaction design and usability. He masters the art of bringing things down to earth - much like Steve Krug in Donít Make Me Think.

I highly recommend the book to everyone who wants to know what this talk about persuasive design is all about.

The book at
The book at
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Henrik Olsen | Febuary 18, 2003

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