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Supporting customers' decision-making process
The Q2 2003 issue of GUUUI is about how people buy. Research shows that many commerce sites fail in supporting customers' decision-making process, by not taking their information needs into consideration. The article takes a look at how we can tackle this problem.

The article Supporting customers' decision-making process

Henrik Olsen | April 01, 2003

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Good article on the subject of understanding the customer behavior. I agreed that Andrew Chak's book "Submit Now" is an excellent source on designing/developing persuasive web sites for the web audience. Add to your library Jim Sterne’s Web Metrics, the book deals with the how-to in measuring your web site, it's more than analyzing your Web trend program or server logs, but how to turn visitors to customers, etc: it’s more Marketing in focus than Usability.

Dino D'Romero | April 04, 2003

Great article Henrik, Thanks! a lot to consider here. Each genre of a product will pose its own unique challenges and information needs! There is a definite need for research and ground work before stepping into design of an e-commerce website.

Niteesh Elias | June 02, 2003


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