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Making Web Advertisements Work
Jacob Nielsen and Don Norman support one of UIE's findings: Users are not willing to be seduced before they have accomplished their initial goal with their visit to a site.

"Web users are highly goal-driven, and ads that interfere with their goals will be ignored."

"Reach users when they're interested and have the time -- don't bother them when they're least likely to attend. Unfortunately, most current Web advertising approaches are aimed at taking what doesn't work and making it ever bigger and more annoying, continuously fighting user behavior. Moving in the wrong direction at a faster pace is not a very insightful strategy."

Making Web Advertisements Work
Previous posting about UIE's article Seductive Design for Web Sites

Henrik Olsen | May 05, 2003

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"users' attention is focused on whatever gets them to their goal; they ignore everything else."

Nonsense. In certain testing situations, this can be controlled to happen, but in Real Life (tm) people are constantly distracted, even to the point where they completely forget their initial goals.

Ron Zeno | May 06, 2003


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