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Optimizing entry pages
According to Jeff Lash, often more than 50% of a web site's visitors come directly into relevant pages through links from other sites, search engines and emails. Such entry pages should be designed with first-time visitors in mind.

"At a basic level, this means informing them of what the site is, what section they are in, and what tasks they can accomplish. At a more in-depth level, this entails providing related pages or supplemental information, establishing credibility through copywriting and branding, and displaying privacy and security notices if appropriate."

"Internal debates where managers fight for home page links on the public Web site may very well be fruitless. More attention needs to be paid not just to understanding how users are getting to your site, but what their entry and referring pages are."

How did you get here? - Designing for visitors who donít enter through the home page

Henrik Olsen | June 10, 2003

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