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Design Not Found examples of good and bad design
Design Not Found is a collection of real-world examples of good and bad contingency design (design for when things go wrong). The examples are published by the design agency 37signals.

The site Design Not Found
The agency 37signals

Henrik Olsen | April 02, 2002

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37signals also has a section in which they designed alternatives to bad design, without being contracted to do the job. "37signals turns frustration into inspiration"... Isn't this just great =;)

- 37BetterBank
- 37BetterFedEx
- 37BetterMotors (My favorite!)

They show the before/after effect, or the ordinairy/different contrast, that good Interaction Design should accomplish.

I'm a big fan of these guys!!!

The 37Better Project

Pieter-Jan Pruuost | January 10, 2003


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