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What is GUUUI?

GUUUI - what kind of name is that?

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What is GUUUI?

GUUUI is a site for people engaged in the various fields of making the web a better experience for the users. At GUUUI, you’ll find weekly postings and quarterly articles about interaction design, information architecture, usability, visual design and the like.

The original idea behind GUUUI was that it should be an open forum, where people all over the world could share their insights. Unfortunately, GUUUI has been misused to post large amounts of spam, and I have been forced to remove the ability for everybody to submit postings at GUUUI. Now it's one-way communication...

GUUUI has grown out of a personal need for a place to store valuable knowledge and references in a well-arranged, easy manageable and readily accessible manner. By sharing GUUUI with my colleagues around the world, I hope that GUUUI will grow into a repository of useful information, and become a helpful tool in our daily work.

GUUUI is a private project and isn't sponsored or initiated by any private or public organization or company. It's just me, you and our fellow colleagues. My name is Henrik Olsen. I'm living in Århus in Denmark, where I work as an interaction designer for the healthcare IT supplier ACURE, An IBM Company.

Thanks to Mouseketeers and Jens Hørup for free hosting of GUUUI.