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Designing Visual Interfaces by Kevin Mullet and Darrell Sano
This is a book which graphic designers involved in web and application development should read, as it describes techniques used in communication-oriented visual design applied to graphical user interfaces.

Mullet and Sano's approach builds a bridge between the conservative web usability experts preaching their "speedy download" mantra, and the graphic designers who see the web as a media for artistic display. To Mullet and Sano "Communication-oriented visual design view these forces not as irreconcilable opponents, but as symbiotic components of every high-quality solution." As they say, "good graphic design can significantly improve the communicative value of the interface, leading to increased usability."

The book doesn't deal with the interactive aspect of interactive media, but describes principles and techniques to improve the aesthetic and functional aspects of screens and has lots of examples of good and bad interface design.


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