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Designing Web Usability
For a long time I wanted to write a review of Jakob Nielsenís Designing Web Usability. But I knew it would be hard because the book is so controversial. On the one hand the book has a lot of important stuff to tell, on the other, it has to be taken with a grain of salt.

Instead of writing a review myself, I found a good one by Andy Ihnatko from NewMedia. Some quotes:

"Reading Designing Web Usability might make you collapse to your knees and repent your sins, taking up a tambourine and joining the preacher's crusade right on the spot. It might just as well further commit you to add increasing complexity and sophistication to your creations."

"Honestly, it's like we're the parents in a house full of unruly kids and Jakob Nielsen has mailed us a big envelope of pamphlets promoting military schools. Maybe we'll buy in, maybe we won't. But just considering it will make us into different parents."


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