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Idea generation methods

Martin Leith has published a list of all the idea generation methods he's encountered during the past 15 years. Each method is described and some have full instructions on how to use them to generate ideas.


  • The site All Know Idea Generation Methods

Henrik Olsen - September 19, 2005 - via Column Two

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Articles, tools and resources by Dey Alexander

Dey Alexander is running a site with a wealth of useful information for interaction designer, information architects, usability experts, and the like. Besides his articles and presentations, you'll find a great collection of resources grouped by topic.


  • Dey Alexander's site

Henrik Olsen - August 15, 2004

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The Interaction Design Group (IxDG)

IxDG is an association that serves the needs of the international community of practitioners, teachers, and students of interaction design. Its mission is to evangelize and advance the profession and bring interaction designers together.

At you'll find news, jobs, tools, and resources for interaction designers. IxDG also hosts the IxD Discussion, a mailing list that provides an international forum for the discussion of interaction.


  • The IxDG web site

Henrik Olsen - August 14, 2004

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The SAP Design Guild resources for designing web applications

The company SAP is a provider of business software, which has moved into the internet age. On their subsidiary site, "The SAP Design Guild", they give full access to a rich source of interface design information primary target at their partners developing products in the SAP environment. The site represents some of the most comprehensive resources about user-centred design of complex web-based applications. On the site SAP offer their design resources, such as style guides, methods and insight on how a user-centred development should be carried out from initial analysis to usability testing. It provides lots of inspiration for interaction designers facing the challenge of creating web applications.


  • The SAP Design Guild

Henrik Olsen - December 16, 2002

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Survey on how folks keep up with information architecture

ACIA ran a survey in 2001 to learn about which information resources and events information architects use to keep up with field. The research included magazines, journals and newsletters, discussion lists, web sites, books, conferences, meetings, and a rating of which of these resources are considered most useful. Though the survey is more than a year old, there are lots of references to useful stuff.


  • Results from the survey

Henrik Olsen - December 10, 2002

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information architecture resources

from jjg, the author of the forthcoming 'The Elements of User Experience' comes a pretty complete list of (re)sources for Information Architects. There are some useful looking pointers for 'getting started' and a nice powerpoint file about 'The IA of Everyday Things' showing respect to the Don.


  • ia resources
  • elements of UE book (info)
  • The Information Architecture of Everyday Things (powerpoint file)
  • the don

ben hyde - August 21, 2002

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Notable quotations

Andrew Hinton has collected a number of notable quotations from different sources, which all reflect aspects of Information Architecture and related practices.


  • Hinton's collection of quotations

Henrik Olsen - August 12, 2002

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At the site Quality of Experience you'll find business-focused articles about user experience that can be handy when you want to convince customers and colleagues about the importance of Interaction Design.

The site is "a learning center for optimizing the e-Business experience," as they state, and is sponsored by six e-business consultancies.

It seems that Patricia Seybold Group really get something out of their sponsorship. Their "customer revolution" is all over the place.


  • The site

Henrik Olsen - January 18, 2002

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Usable Web

Usable Web is a great site with loads of links to articles about Interaction Design and Usability specific to the Web. It is very well-organized with good descriptions and multiple entries to the information. Usable Web is maintained by Keith Instone.


  • Usable Web
  • Keith Instone's homepage

Henrik Olsen - January 02, 2002

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