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Watch users navigate websites with RobotReplay

RobotReplay an online service that records and plays back visitors' sessions on websites. Sit back and watch every mouse movement, click, keystroke, scroll, etc.

RobotReplay a direct competitor to ClickTale - a similar service previously mentioned here at GUUUI.

RobotReplay promises to always have a free version of their service available.


Henrik Olsen - November 09, 2007

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Watch users navigate websites with ClickTale

ClickTale is an online service that allows you to watch movies of visitors interacting with your website.

The tool records visitors' mouse movements, clicks, keystrokes and scrolling actions. From the recordings, it generates movies of individual visitor's use of the site.

The tool can be used to gain insight into how visitors interact with websites, to find flaws and enhance navigation and overall usability. As such, it can serve as a good complement to existing statistics services and usability tests.

ClickTale is currently in closed beta, but you can register for an invitation.


  • ClickTale Open link in new window

Henrik Olsen - May 08, 2007

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Study link popularity on web pages

Webmasters Eyes is a tool that shows how popular links on a web page are based on Google's PageRank. Type in the page you want to study and it will display the page with little PageRank bars next to each link.


  • Webmasters Eyes Open link in new window

Henrik Olsen - January 21, 2007

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Visualizations of clicks on web pages

Crazy Egg is a web statistics tool that can track where people click on a web page and visualize the clicks in different ways. Especially their heatmaps are enlightening. They give you a quick view of what people click on and what is popular on a page.

Besides seeing what is popular, you can use the tool for testing different layouts and compare the results. The click visualizations can also reveal that people may click on areas of your pages that are non-clickable (but probably should be clickable), such as headlines and images.

You can sign up for limited free plan at Creazy Egg.


  • The statistics tool Crazy Egg Open link in new window

Henrik Olsen - November 24, 2006 - via 37signals

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How Netflix test features online in fast iterations

Joshua Porter has paid a visit to Netflix and found that a one of the reasons for their success is fast iterations. Every two weeks they make significant changes to their site to improve their service. With each update they try out many new features knowing that only a few of them will work and survive to the next iteration.

According Joshua, Netflix's fast iterations and their "try and see" attitude has a number of benefits:
- They can fail fast and invest less time in the things that don't work
- They can experiment with ideas that might not have a lot of support, but could be potential winners
- They can quickly learn about what works and what doesn't instead of resorting to opinionated arguments
- Making small changes instead of major redesigns makes it easier to measure the effect of the changes
- The constant effort to improve is appreciated by users and provides continuing interest


  • The Freedom of Fast Iterations: How Netflix Designs a Winning Web Site Open link in new window

Henrik Olsen - November 15, 2006

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Setting goals and measuring success for web sites

With this free e-book by Steve Jackson, editor of Conversion Chronicles, you can learn the basics of how to set up measurable goals for web site conversion, how to reach your goals through persuasive design and how to measure success with web site statistic tools.

You have to sign up for their newsletter to get the e-book (they are taking their own medicine and use the book to boost their newsletter conversion and prospect acquisition).


  • The e-book Learn before you spend Open link in new window

Henrik Olsen - November 22, 2005

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Web Traffic Analytics and User Experience

Fran Diamond has written a nice primer on web traffic analytics. The method allows you to get a picture of user behaviour that doesn't come from an artificial test setting, but from the true user environment. It can help you find areas that need to be improved, and by looking at how a redesign affects user behaviour, it can help you learn whether redesigns really work.


  • The article Web Traffic Analytics and User Experience Open link in new window

Henrik Olsen - August 30, 2004

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How search query analysis can help us understand users

At Martin Belam's personal web-site, you'll find some very interesting articles on his search query analysis of the BBCi website. His findings shows us how such analysis can help us shape better interactions with websites.

Some of his major findings:
- Over 80% of the users make unique searches that never make the top 500 searches
- 1 in 12 searches are misspelled
- 1 in 5 attempts to use advanced search fail
- URLs make up around 3% of searches
- 36% of searches consisted of just one word, 35% two words, 16% contained 3 words

According to Belam, we can use such findings to:
- Discover misspellings, synonyms, non-conventional naming, URLs, and searches with few descriptive words and leverage this knowledge to provide the best possible content available within search results
- Spot popular content to be promoted more prominently and what non-existent content to provide
- Verify navigational labels against terms used by the visitors


  • The article How Search Can Help You Understand Your Audience Open link in new window
  • The article A Day In The Life Of BBCi Search Open link in new window

Henrik Olsen - May 23, 2003

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Guide on monitoring web visitor behaviour

Winning on the Web: The Executive Pocket Guide to SMARTER Marketing is a guide on analyzing web visitor behaviour in order to evaluate the effectiveness of a site's navigation, content and marketing campaigns.

Though it's published by NetIQ, which produces the web analytics tool WebTrends, the methods described applies equally to other tools.


Henrik Olsen - February 02, 2003

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The Marketer's Common Sense Guide to E-metrics

This eBook by Bryan Eisenberg and Jim Novo takes web log analysis a step further than the "Gee, that's interesting" metrics. It explains the advantages of defining clear objectives about what you want with a site and how to measure success.

The book provides 22 metrics to measure content and commerce aspect of how a web site's visitors behave, and can be used as proof-of-concept for changes you need to make to design, copy, or navigation.

The book is a companion guide to the web site conversion calculators developed by Bryan Eisenberg, which has previously been posted at GUUUI.


Henrik Olsen - January 25, 2003

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