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OK/Cancel – The HCI comic

Well, it's been around for a while so it might be time to mention it at OK/Cancel is such a rare thing as a human-computer interaction comic, which is co-written and co-illustrated by Kevin Cheng and Tom Chi. It's updated weekly on Fridays.


  • The site OK/Cancel

Henrik Olsen - April 15, 2004

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World's first HCI rap

Why write a boring article to promote HCI when you can write a rap. Prepare for serious HCI flava from the guys at OK/Cancel.


  • We Got It, a song for the users

Henrik Olsen - March 03, 2004 - via Louis

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This Is Broken – a gallery of broken experiences

Mark Hurst's This Is Broken is a gallery of all kinds of stuff, where the customer experience has been messed up somehow. Great fun. You can contribute by submitting your own broken experiences.


  • lick here to visit This Is Broken

Henrik Olsen - February 08, 2004

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User-centred dating strategy

Having problems getting a date? Having trouble grasping the concept of user-centred design? Here is the change to learn both at the same time! Miyuki Shimbo has designed a poster explaining user-centred design methods in terms of dating.


Henrik Olsen - January 20, 2004 - via Bloug at

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W3C rocks the house

Ok, this beats it all. If you are a musician and accessibility consultant this might be an obvious thing to do, otherwise not. Anyway, here's a song about writing accessibility standards for WCAG. To the tune of YMCA. Faturing "Sharky" the ScreenReader rapping. Made me fall of my chair with stomach cramps.

Let's rock the house...


  • The WCAG Theme Song (lyrics and MP3)

Henrik Olsen - December 11, 2003 - via Maccessibility

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Crash Different

"I don't feel like I'm operating the Mac so much as I'm just there sharing the Macintosh experience…" (Gary Roberts)


Henrik Olsen - October 26, 2003

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Website design tips by Strong Bad

"…I've been around this great, big internet of ours a few times, so I know what I'm talking about. And I can safely say, that whatever idea you have it is completely unimportant as long as you adhered to these fundamentals…"


  • Strong Bad's design tips
  • Strong Bad's website
  • Strong Bad's Page Not Found page
  • Strong Bad's System Is Down page

Henrik Olsen - October 09, 2003 - via Croc o' Lyle

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Redesign Jakob Nielsen's site

Now this is fun! Win fame and prizes:

"…create a redesign of Jakob Nielsen's Design a usable, intuitive layout and navigation, organize the content with usability in mind, and create a work of art which still reflects the importance and influence of Nielsen's work."

Sadly, Jakob states, that it's "highly unlikely" that he will use any of the designs.


  • The contest at Build for the Future

Henrik Olsen - September 04, 2003 - via WebReference Update Newsletter

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Interface Hall of Shame revived

The good old Interface Hall of Shame from has been gone for a while, but I just found it at a new location. The Interface Hall of Shame is an "irreverent collection of common interface design mistakes". New entries are from June 4. 2000 – but it's still an educational experience.


  • The site Interface Hall of Shame

Henrik Olsen - September 04, 2003

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Bush friendly 404 error page

These Weapons of Mass Destruction cannot be displayed...


  • The 404 error page

Henrik Olsen - August 11, 2003

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