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Interaction design is an exercise in compromise

Designing a user interface is an exercise in compromise. According to Mike Padilla, every design decision has its costs and benefits. Using a drop-down box in a form has the drawback of hiding the available choices from the users. Radio buttons reveal the choices, but might take up a disproportionate amount of screen real estate.

Every design has its deficiencies. But the presence of deficiencies doesn't make a design bad. What makes one design better than another is the net usability - the good minus the bad - and educated compromises are essential to creating the best interface possible.


  • User Interface Design - Taking the Good with the Bad Open link in new window

Henrik Olsen - August 31, 2006

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always thought provoking reading. thanks. one thing i'm wondering about. what's with the target='_new' on your article links here? damn, that's nasty. :)

murray gray | September 01, 2006


Whether links open in new windows or not has changed at GUUUI over the years. The problem is that when you trawl lists of post, it's convenient to open outbound links in new windows. In this way, you can quickly get back to the list by closing the new window. But if you are just interested in one post, it's a bit "nasty".

I have now put a little icon next to all outbound links. You can now decide for yourself whether you want to open a link in a new window or not.

Power to the people..

Henrik Olsen | November 01, 2006



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