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Is user-centred design working?

Donna Maurer has published a presentation and recordings of her talk "User centred design: Is it working?"

Here are some interesting (and quite provoking) points from her presentation:

- Lot's of clients are not satisfied with what they get from usability specialists. The work they do is shallow and the clients are left with the hard stuff that they meant to hire out.

- We have to stop selling usability. It doesn't have a value proposition. Usability is a quality aspect. Not a deliverable.

- A lot of the successful websites don't do traditional user research and usability testing. Their model is more about putting something out, see what happens, and modify it if needed.

- We have to stop designing by testing and focus less on user-centred and more on design

- Jakob Nielsen's stuff should be removed from the galaxy. All his rules lure people into a feeling that you can just get these rules and get it right.


  • Donna Maurer's talk User centred design: is it working Open link in new window

Henrik Olsen - December 02, 2006 - via Usability In The News

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I have been there... and indeed, Donna summarized everything I have learned concerning this aspect of usability: "We have to stop selling it. It doesn't have a value proposition. Usability is a quality aspect. Not a deliverable."

Look at 37signals, they have converted their web business from consulting to developing. The amount of impact they have generated with their applications is even bigger then when they were *just* consultants.

"People are what they do, not what they say" is what we have been preaching for a long time. It is time we put this into practice ourselves.

Pieter-Jan Pruuost | December 07, 2006


Wow! I'm impressed that usability testers are taking more notice of these points.

Ron Zeno | December 20, 2006



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