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Jared Spool on how bad usability and aggressive advertising can hurt brands

Google has published a 45 minute video with Jared Spool talking about online branding:

"What's the most effective way to strengthen a brand on the internet? Recent research shows that it isn't using traditional branding techniques. In fact, those tried-and-true methods can actually hurt your brand, if implemented poorly.

In this presentation, Jared Spool will discuss how User Interface Engineering's recent usability research has uncovered some fascinating truths about how people perceive brands on the internet."


  • Strike Up The Brand: How to Design for Branding (Google video) Open link in new window

Henrik Olsen - May 31, 2007 - via Usability In the News

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Just watched the video. Awesome! Thanks for pointing it out.

So if we take the message that a good direct experience is far more effective than an indirect (branding) message, I suppose we can turn it around a bit to say: when we're stuck with a less-than-optimal user experience, maybe we should reduce the size of the corporate logo's by quite a bit? ;-)

I love Jared's rationale. Am I right in saying that he keeps a fairly positive and reasonable approach to his work? None of this "thou shalt not" business. On this topic, I finally gave in to temptation and (forgive me for taking the liberty!) slightly upgraded your masthead. You can view it here:

Jaco Swart | June 01, 2007


Hi Jaco

Thanks for the new illustration for GUUUI.

The replacement of Jakob with Jared has been discussed in a previous post. But though I'm a big fan of Jared, Jakob is still the icon of usability. So he will always sit on my desk next to my computer.

Jakob! Forever!


Henrik Olsen | June 03, 2007



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