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Fascinating new way of entering text

Dasher is a really fascinating interface that allows you to write by browsing through letters using a finger, mouse or some other pointing devise.


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Henrik Olsen - December 27, 2007

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It's like an auto complete where you have to fly through letters to assemble words. It's interesting that it's possible, but how useful/usable is it?

Zephyr | January 02, 2008


I see great potential in this way of writing for handheld devises and for disabled people.

Henrik Olsen | January 06, 2008


Hmm - I find the system rather annoying, but it may be useful for the disabled, I don't know.

Personally, I hated the text-message feature of the nokia 7110 (a little scroll-wheel used to pick individual letters), but if you want something for handheld devices (and for some reason don't have access to the phone-keypad), the 7110-way seems - to me - a lot easier than the Dasher way. I find Dasher slow and rather confusing (problems that may be adressed later), and can't imagine it being useful for handhelds - how would you hold your device, and navigate the textinput with the same hand?

Tom Vonsild Jensen | January 07, 2008


Dasher's been around for about four or five years now, and it was designed specifically for disabled users, particularly those who can only use single-switch devices. It has potential uses outside that market, especially on small portable devices, but that's really not what it was designed for.

Calum Benson | May 02, 2008



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