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Account sign-in - 8 more design mistakes to avoid

Jared Spool shares 8 more design mistakes with account sign-in:

9. Not telling users the requirements for username and password up front

10. Requiring stricter password requirements than the NSA

11. Using challenge questions people won't remember

12. Not returning users to their desired objective after they have signed in

13. Not explaining users it's the username or password they got wrong

14. Not putting a register link when the sign-in is an error

15. Not giving the user a non-email solution to recover their password

16. Requiring more than one element when recovering passwords


Henrik Olsen - January 16, 2008

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Unfortunately, several of these design "mistakes" are essential security best practice.

Specifically, 10 and 13.

Secure passwords are obvious--they're just more secure. If there's any type of private information to be had with the user's credentials, it is worth it have a strong password.

As far as 13 goes, telling the user which one was wrong is helpful, unfortunately it's a pretty big case of information disclosure. For example a potential attacker can choose weak passwords, trying one by one, until the system tells her that a hit on a password that's in the system was made. Then it's just a matter of finding the light username, and those are much less well guarded than passwords. worst case, the attacker can cycle through possible usernames, secure in the knowledge that somewhere in the system there is a vulnerable user.

Michael Katsevman | January 23, 2008



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