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Magnetic interface widgets for whiteboard prototyping

Not long ago, you could buy a magnetic interface design toolkit. Now, they are back - this time big enough to use on a whiteboard (or your fridge) for collaborative on-the-fly prototyping.

The magnetic interface widgets have a special coated surface so that you can write on them with a non-permanent maker and easily wipe them off again. They come in a nice laptop sized case with around 100 magnets.


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Henrik Olsen - February 09, 2008

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Nice idea (A+ for effort!), but I'm not sure they are worth the money or hassle to travel with. The laptop case is a neat idea but I'd rather have something smaller. Also, I can draw buttons and interface elements quickly enough already. I was hoping the website would convince me more on why I should buy them for my team, but the content is really lightweight and not too compelling. Also, I want to see every interface element that comes in the kit, but you never get to see that on the site.

Also, the "Messy Way" whiteboard sketch they use is funny because they blurred some of the sketched lines, as if someone accidentally brushed up against the whiteboard. Oh God, not that! What's interesting is that most of those blurred spots would still happen in the "Intuitive Way", but the designer decided that this couldn't happen if the Gui Mags were there.


Steven Shay | February 10, 2008


I agree that their site have badly organized information. For example I looked for the number of magnetic pieces there, and I finally found it here in this post (100).
Steven said that he can draw buttons quickly enough, but the main advantage of this magnetic elements is moving not drawing. Idea is OK, but I don't see too many advantages compared to "post it" way. Maybe elements printed on post it could be the compromised and light solutions.

Stevan Majstorovic | February 12, 2008


This is a great idea!

However after posting this on the Dutch site Naar Voren is was informed by the owner of (so NOT that he was already working on exactly the same thing. was registered 1.5 months after and has no actual photo's while the other has some of their in-progress concepts (check their blog).

So while I know not exactly what is going on here, it does have a slightly fishy smell :-/

Bob Corporaal | February 14, 2008


Well, I ordered some. I'll let you folks know if it is a sham or not. :)

M | February 18, 2008


"It's just been two weeks since GUImags launched for the greater public and the product has been popular beyond expectations. In the first week we got so many orders that we are out of stock. We have immediately contacted our manufacturers to create more GUImags. Since we don't settle for low quality, it can take up to 3-5 weeks for you to receive your product. To us, that's unacceptable. I'd therefore like to apologize to you personally for this waiting period.

"If you don't want to wait and want to back out, we understand. In that case, please let us know how we can refund your money. We hope, however, that you understand we had not expected this amount of orders so soon.

"You can be sure we will keep you informed on the process and that we'll ship your order as soon as we possibly can, making sure you are among the first in the world to receive GUImags classic."

What do you think, should I request a refund?

M | February 20, 2008


On behalf of the GuiMags team

I thank you for both your sharp comments and praise for GuiMags! We always love to find both positive comments as well as things to improve.

Based on feedback from you and our clients we've been able to improve the site. It's our passion to support user interface designers and a site is clearly an important part of that!

We want to be open about our competition too: was started by a student who apparantly had the same idea we had. Fall 2007 we had researched whether our idea was being done yet. At that time, didn't exist. After we launched our site, we were called by the owner of inquiring if we got the idea from him. We were able to explain him that GuiMags is part of an array of solutions we've used for quite some time at our design companies. (The other solutions are found here and here).
Later we sent him an email on how we could work together, but did not receive any reply sofar.

Calling bloggers to make our company look bad does not feel very professional. Nevertheless, we are still interested in working with this gentleman.

Lastly, if you are interested in giving GuiMags a try, I can give away that you can use the code "friend-of-the-ceo" (without quotation marks) as coupon code to receive a reduction.

Yours faithfully,

GuiMags, FL

Ruben | March 06, 2008


Hello guys,

First off all i would like to compliment guimags on their new website.

I would like to point out, though, that I am not a student (for quite a few years now) but an interaction / web designer at a well respected web company in The Netherlands.

It is a pity that the focus has been put on "who had the idea first" although I do think it is a strange coincidence that we have both chosen a very similar name (whois checks will give you more info).

As I am not a believer in "trying to kill the competition" with false accusations or threats of lawsuits I find it almost amazing that you accuse me of putting bloggers up against you.

I would like to point out that i feel that working together is more then, trying to shut me down with the option of me being your reseller, but rather in a good product and fair competition.

The idea we (obviously) both have is really good and there are many ways we can create a real cool product. This is al I intended!

Rik Schot | March 08, 2008


Well, it's been a month and still no word on when I will receive my GuiMags. Apparently they have time to redesign their website, complete with a walkthrough 'demo' of the product (still, no actual photos of the product which really has me worried and queasy about my $110) but not actually produce and ship product.

It seems they also used my order, a personal purchase, as representative of my place of employment as I put my office address down for the shipping address (I cannot accept shipments at home since I work during the day.) They placed my company's logo in their clients list, and used the logo incorrectly. I'm not sure if they even asked my company for permission to use this registered trademark (they certainly did not ask me for my consent in any of this.) I'm quite a bit upset about the situation and will likely be canceling my order soon if I don't get a shipment date in the next week or so.

M | March 18, 2008



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