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Web ReDesign by Kelly Goto and Emily Cotler
Reading this book was like going to a party with designers from other web agencies chit-chatting about how our companies prefer to organize Web projects. Every agency has its way of doing things. You might be inspired to some degree, but mostly it's basically the same.

The book's subtitle "Workflow that Works" made me expect a guide telling me how to make the diversity of stakeholder in a web project work together - more systematic, more efficient and with better results. But I was disappointed.

One of the major drawbacks is that their development framework - the "Core Process" - is described almost entirely from the designers' point of view and show very little understanding of the interdisciplinary aspect of web development.

Worse is that Kelly and Emily go on and on telling the same stories, which we've all heard before: "think about download times", "mind screen resolutions", "test in browsers"...

Read more reviews and buy the book at
Read more reviews and buy the book at

Henrik Olsen | April 30, 2002

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