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Where The Action Is: The Foundations of Embodied Interaction
This book is about the notion of -what I think of as- 'context sensitive computing', though it isn't described in these terms.
It brings together the areas of tangible and social computing to highlight the importance of looking at the 'big picture'. In other words, examining the practise of using the computer r/t than the specific tasks.
As is stated in the title, the intention is to identify the foundations of this subject. I think that it successfully achieves this and in doing so also provides a surprisingly clear overview of the numerous underlying and interwoven theories that shed light on this topic.
It concludes by outlining 6 design principles - as opposed to recommendations, rules or guidelines - which are: computation is a medium; meaning arises on multiple levels; users, not designers, create and communicate meaning; users, not designers, manage coupling; embodied technologies participate in the world they represent; and embodied interactions turns action into meaning.

book info
an essay built around the material in the book
a longer article about embodied interaction - somewhat out of date
also by Paul - hacking jakob nielsen :)

ben hyde | 30 May 2002 | Click here for a permanent link you can bookmark or refer to


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