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E-commerce sites are improving, but non-US sites are lagging behind
A follow-up on an analysis of e-commerce sites conducted by the NN/g has shown that over the last 1.5 year, the average compliance with the NN/g Guidelines for E-commerce Sites has increased by 4%.

NN/g also found that non-US e-commerce sites are lagging behind. A sampling of six non-US e-commerce sites followed only 40% of the guidelines – compared to a 49% score for the U.S. sites. Taking the current rate of usability improvements into account, non-US sites are about three years behind the U.S. on usability.

According to Jakob Nielsen the reason for this lag might be that the U.S. has a grater maturity in terms of management’s emphasis on usability and that U.S. websites have a larger customer base and thus more resources for improving usability.

The article Improving Usability Guideline Compliance

Hernrik Olsen | June 25, 2002

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Actually i just think it's a cultural difference, what i noticed is that in the US (generalisation i guess), concentration on a customer (because of the height of the tip?) in real-life is there too, while, if i speak for west-EU, the customer isn't seen in a passive 'take-care-of-me' role. Give a signal to the waiter/ress when you need one. Actually saves a lot of keeping up appearences of smiling to him/her while is at your table at the wrong time, breaking up conversation.

proto | September 13, 2002


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