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Klaus Kaasgaard talks with Bonnie Nardi, Jakob Nielsen, David Smith, Austin Henderson & Jed Harris, Terry Winograd and Stephanie Rosenbaum.

this unusual approach is rewarding for this very fact. the answers given to a similar set of questions are often contradictory, but again this is one of its strengths (unlike the near arguments found in titles such as Information Design, Jacobson Ed.) this book provides a very accessible starting point for those new to the field whilst at the same time pushing the boundaries of the discipline (admittedly some interviewees more than others ;-). another interesting aspect (fmm) is the language used (which of course is the interface of a book), probably caused by non-native english but this adds a certain edge to the dialogue.

publishers info (Copenhagen Business School Press)
amazon UK info
Klaus Kaasgaard (info on CBS Press site)

ben hyde | July 16, 2002

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